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Retractable Micro USB Data Cable Charger 1

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 Product Description

Retractable Micro USB Data Cable Charger Plug and play compatible. Supports USB 1.1 and High-Speed 2.0 transfer. The Data Cables only serves at the connector between the cellular phones and the computer. USB Direct Charging (Varies by cellular phone manufactures, may not be available on all models) Phone software and/or drivers are not included. CASIO C751 (G'zOne Ravine)/ CRICKET A410 (TXTM8 3G)/ M6000 (Zio)/ HP iPAQ (Glisten)/ HTC A7373 (EVO Shift 4G)/ HUAWEI M735/ M860 (Ascend)/ U8150 (Comet)/ KYOCERA E1100 (Neo)/ E2000/ E3100 (Rio)/ M1400 (Laylo)/ M2000 (X-TC)/ S1300 (Melo)/ S1310 (Domino)/ S2300 (Torino/Loft)/ S4000 (Mako)/ LG AX155/ AX310/ AX500 (Swift)/ AX585 (Rhythm)/ AX830/ AX840 (Tritan)/ C900 (Quantum)/ CF360/ CT810 (Incite)/ ENV2 (VX9100)/ GD570 (Dlite)/ GD710 (Shine II)/ GR500 (Xenon)/ GR700 (Vu Plus)/ GS170/ GS390 (Prime)/ GS505 (Sentio)/ GT550 (Encore)/ GT950 (Arena)/ GU295/GU292/ GW370 (Neon II)/ GW820 (eXpo)/ LN180/ LN240 (Remarq)/ LN510 (Rumor Touch)/ LS670 (Optimus S)/ LW310 (Helix)/ LX265 (Rumor2)/ LX290/ LX370/ LX400/ LX600 (Lotus)/ LX610 (Lotus Elite)/ MN180 (Select)/ MN240 (Imprint)/ MS690 (Optimus M)/ MT310/ MT375 (Lyric)/ Optimus U/ P509 (Optimus T)/ UN430 (Wine II)/ UN510 (Banter Touch)/ UN610 (Mystique)/ US740 (Apex)/ UX220/ UX265 (Banter)/ UX280 (Wine)/ UX310/ UX700 (Bliss)/ VN250 (Cosmos)/ VN270 (Cosmos Touch)/ VN530 (Octane)/ VS660 (Vortex)/ VS740 (Ally)/ VX11000 (enV Touch)/ VX5500/ VX5600 (Accolade)/ VX7100 (Glance)/ VX8360/ VX8370 (Clout)/ VX8575 (Chocolate Touch)/ VX8610/ VX9200 (enV3)/ VX9600 (Versa)/ MOTOROLA A455 (Rival)/ A555 (Devour)/ A855 (Droid)/ A955 (Droid 2)/ Crush/ E8/ i1/ i296/ I410/ i465 (Clutch)/ i576/ i680 (Brute)/ i776/ i856 (Debut)/ i886/ i890/ i9/ MB200 (CLIQ)/ MB300 (Backflip)/ MB501 (Cliq XT)/ MB502 (Charm)/ MB508 (Flipside)/ MB511 (Flipout)/ MB520 (Bravo)/ MB525 (Defy)/ MB810 (Droid X)/ Q9h/ QA1 (Karma)/ QA30 (Hint)/ QA4 (Evoke)/ R2D2 (Droid)/ V750/ V8/ V860 (Barrage)/ V9/ V950/ V9m/ V9x/ VE20/ VE440/ VU30/ W766 (Entice)/ W845 (Quantico)/ WX404 (Grasp)/ WX445 (Citrus)/ XT610 (Droid Pro)/ Z6C/ Z9/ ZN4/ ZN5 (zine)/ NOKIA 1006/ 1606/ 2605/ 2705 (Shade)/ 3606/ 6205/ 6350/ 6750/ 7205/ 7705 (TWIST)/ E73 (Mode)/ PALM Pixi/ Pixi Plus/ Treo Pro/ TREO800W/ PANTECH: CDM8999 (Crux)/ P9050 (LASER)/ BlackBerry 8220 (Pearl Flip)/ 8230 (Pearl Flip)/ 8520 (Curve)/ 8530 (Curve)/ 8900 (Curve)/ 9100 (Pearl 3G)/ 9300 (Curve 3G)/ 9330 (Curve 3G)/ 9500 (Storm)/ 9530 (Storm)/ 9550 (Storm2)/ 9630 (Tour)/ 9650 (Bold)/ 9670 (Style)/ 9700 (Bold)/ 9780 (Bold)/ 9800 (Torch), SAMSUNG A187/ A197/ A597 (Eternity II)/ A667 (Evergreen)/ A687 (Strive)/ A797 (Flight)/ A817 (Solstice II)/ A847 (Rugby II)/ A897 (Mythic)/ A927 (Flight II)/ D700 (Epic 4G)/ i220 (Code)/ I225 (Exec)/ i350 (Intrepid)/ i400 (Continuum)/ i500 (Fascinate)/ i500 (Mesmerize)/ i897 (Captivate)/ i917 (Focus)/ i920 (Omnia II)/ M220/ M240/ M320/ M330/ M350 (Seek)/ M360/ M540 (Rant)/ M550 (Exclaim)/ M560 (Reclaim)/ M570 (Restore)/ M630 (Highnote)/ M850 (Instinct HD)/ M900 (Moment)/ M910 (Intercept)/ M920 (Transform)/ NXS (Nexus S)/ R100 (Stunt)/ R250 (Contour)/ R330 (Stride)/ R350 (Freeform)/ R351 (Freeform)/ R360 (Freeform II)/ R460 (MyShot II)/ R470 (TWOSTEP)/ R560 (Messager II)/ R570 (Messager III)/ R580 (Profile)/ R630 (Messager Touch)/ R850 (Caliber)/ R860/ R880 (Acclaim)/ R900 (Craft)/ T249/ T359/ T369/ T669 (Gravity T)/ T959 (Vibrant)/ U320 (Haven)/ U360 (Gusto)/ U460 (Intensity II)/ U820 (Reality)/ SANYO 2700/ 3810/ 3820 (Vero)/ 6750 (Katana Eclipse)/ 6760 (Incognito)/ 6780 (Innuendo)/ E4100 (Taho)/ Katana LX/ PRO200/ PRO700/ S1/ SHARP FX/ Kin One (Microsoft)/ Kin Two (Microsoft)/ SONY ERICSSON U5a (Vivaz)/ X10a (Xperia)/ ZTE E520 (Agent)/ F160/ F350 (Salute) Users are responsible for obtaining appropriate software and /or driver to accompany this product.

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